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Wendy S. Martinez

Atabey Consulting Group

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Atabey CG is led by Wendy S. Martinez, President/CEO, one of New Jersey’s top consultants that specializes in the development of effective marketing concepts, community advocacy, and persuasive engagement strategies that resonate in ethnic and linguistically diverse markets.


With her vast experience and strategic approach, she helps elected officials , public and private institutions achieve their economic, cultural, social, and political objectives. A graduate of Rutgers University and first generation Latina that grew up in Irvington and Newark, New Jersey.


Mrs. Martinez is a first-generation immigrant that is passionate about doing her part to help build a more just society and advancing issues of equity for marginalized communities. 


She is frequently sought after as speaker a in the areas of women in politics, public policy, immigration, infaith-based and ethnic relations and community advocacy.


It has been Mrs. Martinez's strong faith in God, the love of family, the desire to work hard, and deep sense of responsibility to caring for and advancing just causes that has sustained and inspired throughout her life.

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