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Marcus Sibley

Sanaa17 LLC

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"NJPEEC is a strategic solution to longstanding systemic inequalities regarding energy in our communities," said Marcus Sibley, Chairman of the New Jersey Progressive Equitable Energy Coalition. "We know that all solutions should include leadership and representation of those impacted, and also recognize that background support from a well known organization like NJLCV is key to getting those voices to the important tables. The time for change, is now."

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Marcus Sibley serves as the Chairman of NJPEEC. The Environmental & Social Justice Activist, Speaker, and Poet has a deep and profound commitment to justice and progress. He also serves as the Environmental & Climate Justice Chairman for NAACP Southern Burlington County, and is the branch's Immediate Past President and the former NAACP NJ State Conference Environmental & Climate Justice Chairman. The Newark, NJ native  and owner of consulting company Sanaa17 LLC, is also a member of the Cancer Free Economy Network National Building Power Strategy Team, the NJ Reparations Councils where he serves on the Health Equity Committee, and host of other social justice and environmentally focused councils and boards.


A consummate proponent of education and outreach, this recipient of various environmental advocacy and social justice awards has been featured on numerous national, regional and local television stations, FM & AM radio programs, and magazine and newspaper articles both in print and digital publications.


An alumnus of Rutgers University where he received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work, Mr. Sibley presented throughout the country as a Leadership Development Specialist for the previous fifteen years prior to the pandemic. Today he’s employed by the National Wildlife Federation as the Northeast Regional Center Director of Conservation Partnerships, where he works to ensure environmental justice, protection of our wildlife and open spaces, and responsible development of renewable sources of energy. In addition to his jurisdiction which includes NJ, NY, and CT, he's a member of the NWF National Environmental Justice Dream Team and works closely the NWF International Team on the International Equity Project. 

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