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Maria Santiago - Valentin

Calm and Mindful, LLC

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“For decades, low-income residents and communities of color in New Jersey have suffered from environmental racism in the name of economic progress,” said Maria Santiago-Valentin, Calm and Mindful, LLC Principal Consultant. “Over 300 municipalities have disproportionately suffered due to cumulative sources of pollution. This old model of pollution over people must be discarded, and NJPEEC will be advocating every day to make this happen.”


Maria Santiago Valentin is a seasoned educator (30 years of experience) and a Learning Disabilities Consultant at a public vocational school in New Jersey. She is a candidate for doctoral degree in Education with a specialization in Reading, Literacy and Assessment.  She is a researcher for the Global Research Network and the World Bank Group.  Maria is referenced on page 69 (under Mindfulness and the Personal Journey) in this publication by Oxford University Saïd School of Business that you can access here: Her commitment and community involvement has included the 2017 and 2018 Lead Organizer People’s Climate Movement Rallies, 2018 Steering Committee New Jersey March of Science, 2020-current - Alternate Commissioner of the Environment in Franklin, Somerset, 2018-2020 Former Commissioner of the Environment in Clark, NJ, 2013-current Climate Reality Volunteer Leader, Trainer and Mentor, 2018 - Climate Abandoned, Contributing Author -Chapter 24, 2010-2019 Organizing for Action Climate Change Team, 2018-2019 NJ OFA State Lead for Climate Change, 2021 Host and Creator GreenLatinas Podcast, 2020 Atlantic Climate Justice Alliance – Co-Founder, Trustee, Board Secretary, Director of NJ Affairs, 2017-2020 Founder of the New Jersey/NY Awareness Project for Climate Justice, and Founder of the Global Awareness Project for Climate Justice.

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