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Sustainable Energy


New Jersey Progressive Equitable Energy Coalition (NJPEEC) advocates for a 100% clean energy transition that keeps energy affordable and accessible for all New Jersey families, while creating good jobs and protecting the health of systematically marginalized and overburdened low income populations and communities of color.

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As a Black and Brown led coalition we work to bridge the equity gap in energy and climate justice arenas to ensure inclusivity from the inception to implementation of policies and proposed energy reforms. We engage stakeholders in utilizing an “Equity Lens” to understand the impact, sense of urgency, and landscape of proposed policies on local communities statewide. We advocate for and educate the local community so that they are at the forefront of energy conversations that impact health, affordability and opportunity.


Actively create direct routes to a higher quality of life for traditionally exploited communities through evaluating and re-envisioning the status quo.  



Rebuilding systems so traditionally exploited communities lead the conversations on eliminating barriers to access, eradicate power structures that deny generational growth and create pathways for specific transitions to meet their needs.



Creating a systemically sustainable pathway to renewable energy and green jobs that powers our lives and supports the health of our communities, planet, and ourselves. 



Diversified group of mission aligned changemakers composed of individuals and organizations from residential, faith, social justice, scientific and environmental communities working towards change for the betterment of all.

Mission / Vision

NJ PEEC advocates for the elimination of  the underlying sources of environmental and economic harms in historically exploited and overburdened communities, ensuring access to clean and equitable energy.

To create an arena to ensure the inclusivity of Black and Brown communities at the inception of policies and proposed energy reforms. 

Steering Committee

This coalition is built from some of the strongest and most influential organizations and voices in the state. The steering committee is comprised of representatives from Sanaa17 LLC Consulting, Latino Action Network, MnM Consulting, Atabey Consulting Group, Operation Grow Inc., NAACP Southern Burlington County, Calm and Mindful, LLC, and the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters who is a non-voting member and provides background support.

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